Is your Nissan car key getting stuck in the ignition?

There is a common fault on Nissan ignition locks where the owners have difficulty withdrawing the key. Although the key will always turn inside the ignition, customers report that it starts to become very difficult to remove the key, or in some cases, the key cannot be removed at all. Models including Qashqai, Micra, Note and Navara are particularly affected by this issue.

Why does this happen?

On the inside of the ignition, there is a steering lock release block and over time this wears down unevenly creating sharp edges that cause the lock to grab the key when attempting to remove it.

What is the fix?

We remove the ignition, strip down the lock, replace the faulty component and then refit the ignition back into the car, all at the roadside. Your existing key(s) will function as normal, no locks are changed and there is no programming required.

Sharp edges that cause a grabbing effect on the key.