• Instrument Cluster Repairs

As specialist auto locksmiths, we are able to help with many common faults.

Here at Brinnick Auto Locksmiths, we offer instrument cluster repair services from our team of dashboard repair specialists. We have been working with dashboard electronics for many years. Because of this, we are experts in identifying and repairing issues. 

Instrument Cluster Repair Services

If you are looking for instrument cluster repair near me, then Brinnick Auto Locksmith is here to help. As dashboard repair specialists, we can help with various issues and faults. 

The dashboard on a vehicle is made up of the odometer counters and some other components. Whilst dashboard electronics can fail, there are also non-electronic components that can also cause issues. Because a dashboard comprises of many gears, indicators, plastic housing and windows, there are various things that can go wrong. 

Our instrument cluster repair services mean that we can help make sense of the problem and provide a solution to almost any dashboard cluster problem.

Common Faults With Dashboard Electronics

As dashboard repair specialists, our team are knowledgeable and experienced with many common dashboard cluster faults. A dashboard cluster can have many design faults, meaning there are many weak components that can fail. An instrument cluster repair is commonly required because of defective processors, inferior stepper motors or faulty displays. 

As dashboard repair specialists, we are able to help with these common faults and get your vehicle back to working order. Our team are able to test your dashboard cluster to identify any faults and recommend and implement the best instrument cluster repair options.

Instrument Cluster Repair Near Me

Here at Brinnick Auto Locksmiths, we are your local dashboard repair specialists. When you are looking for instrument cluster repair near me, our team of experts are here. We have four fully equipped vans covering our local areas, so we can visit you wherever you need us. Our team can complete instrument cluster repair services at your home or by the roadside. We cover our local areas, including:

We cover these local areas, including:

Milton Keynes
Hemel Hempstead.