• Car Opening

Our expert team at Brinnick Auto Locksmiths are specialists in non-destructive vehicle entry.

If you’re locked out of car or locked keys in boot, don’t panic because we are here to help.

How Do You Do Car Opening Non-Destructive Vehicle Entry?

We are experienced in using non-destructive vehicle entry techniques to gain entry when you’ve got keys locked in the car. Our team can use methods such as lock picking to gain entry to most commercial and private vehicles. Because our techniques are finetuned, we are able to access locked keys in boot or cars without causing any damage.

When you call Brinnick Auto Locksmiths because of a key locked in the car, we will never use forced entry or damage your vehicle. We use our skilled techniques to retrieve your keys without any signs of damage or forced entry. Because some cars can be opened in a matter of seconds, we can usually get you moving again very quickly. 

Key Locked In Car: What To Do Next?

Discovering locked keys in the car can be very stressful, especially when you have places to be. Because we want to get you moving again as quickly as possible, we offer an emergency auto locksmith service. Just give us a call, and a member of our team will be able to advise you of the best course of action. We can be with you quickly because we have plenty of vehicle locksmith vans and a dedicated round-the-clock team.

Locked Keys In Boot And Other Reasons For Non-Destructive Vehicle Entry.

• We’ve all found ourselves in difficult situations, where we suddenly realise, I’ve locked my keys in my car! There are many reasons for car opening non-destructive vehicle entry, including;

• Locked keys in the boot when loading up shopping or other items. This is common because keys can be easily left under bags and out of sight when the boot is closed.

• Locked keys in car when jump starting. If you jump start a car to boost battery power, but the doors are closed, the surge in power can trigger the locking mechanisms.

• Keys locked in the car by accidentally pressing the lock button on a remote key and then closing the doors. This is because many vehicles will then lock the doors on closure if the button has been pressed.

• Vehicle malfunctions are also possible because some cars are designed to lock doors at certain speeds. If this feature goes wrong, it can cause doors to look when stationary or switched off.