Honda Won’t Start After Attempted Jump Start

Honda Won’t Start After Attempted Jump Start There is possibly nothing more disheartening than getting in a car, turning the key and it not starting. Thankfully, with Hondas, this doesn’t happen very often because they are so reliable. Unfortunately, some occasions...

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Replacement Mercedes Car and Van Keys

  Milton Keynes, Northampton, Buckinghamshire, Bedford   Have you lost all of your Mercedes Car or Van Keys? Do you require a spare Mercedes Car or Van key? Is your Mercedes Car or Van key damaged?   Some of the models that we cover: Mercedes A Class...

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Is your Nissan car key getting stuck in the ignition?

There is a common fault on Nissan ignition locks where the owners have difficulty withdrawing the key. Although the key will always turn inside the ignition, customers report that it starts to become very difficult to remove the key, or in some cases, the key cannot...

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